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Do you want a bespoke historical/ original/ wedding gown but you would like to visualize the whole design before ordering it? You can request one or more sketches of your gown/outfit.
You will receive a scan of the sketch / sketches with a first estimate of your garment/ garments : for each gown/outfit you can request up to four sketches, the cost will be deducted from the cost of your gown or outfit once you place your bespoke order.


What I need to know for drawing a design/sketch for you:


1. Questions about the design / your preferences
-Historical gown/attire: the time period (please note: if you indicate a whole century it will be hard to understand which decade's /year 's silhouette are you looking for, try to be as specific as possible), the social class and the country of reference that you are interest in for your historical/reenactment wardrobe. Specify also if you prefer winter or summer attire.
-Original/historically inspired designs: the mood/ theme of the event/ball you will participate at or perform at, or the character you want to embody. Your favourite colours and historical periods.
-Wedding gown: the theme of the wedding, the type of ceremony and at what time of the year it will be held. If you prefer a white dress or a colored dress, a traditional veil or a headpiece, a dress with a full skirt or a more sleek silhouette.
(If you don't have a theme don't worry, you will just need to answer a few questions)
2. Questions for checking fabric availability and calculating your estimate:
-indicate your height and your waist,bust and hips circumference.
-If you have a maximum /specific budget.   
*If you want to send references please note: only historical references are accepted (fashion plates, paintings, museum pieces) and must be two jpg or pdf files maximum. Avoid sending too crowded collages/moodboards.
Pinterest boards and any other links will not be accepted under any circumstance.
References from contemporary designers, brands, artists will not be accepted
 under any circumstance.*
Processing time:
After the purchase it takes about  9 / 12 business days  for each sketch.



The file/ files will be delivered via email.
Customers can otherwise request an appointment at the studio to see the sketch/es, in this case they will not receive a copy of the sketch (nor digital or physical).  


Company policy:

The purchased sketches remain the intellectual property of Elaine's Couture and the designs cannot be used to create and/or sell garments under another name or brand, nor can they be copied/replicated/recreated by private individuals or third parties for personal use, profit or didactic purposes. 
The customer is required to sign an agreement before receiving/ seeing the sketch.
The item is non-refundable and non retournable.
 See: terms of purchase

Sketch for bespoke gown/outfit/attire

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