1826 Florentine peasant, made to measure.

The gown is made of linen and cotton and includes: one gown (consisting of a skirt and an embroidered bodice/jumps) made of linen or cotton, one linen shirt with 2 lace inserts along the arms (like in the pictures) and the linen or cotton apron.
The bodice is a pair of jumps with hand made cross-stitch embroidery, reinforced with spiral steel bones, lined with fabric made by natural fibers and has a spiral lacing on the front: the eyelets/ grommets are hand-covered by silk thread. You can wear it with or without the additional pièce d'estomac.
The skirt is closed on the sides and it's lined with fabric made of natural fibers.
The shirt is pleated and decorated like in the picture: the lace will be as matching as possible to the color of the shirt fabric.
The apron is made of linen/ cotton and has a bib like in the pictures.

Petticoat, fichu and jewelry are not included, but they can be requested: see the following “custom orders” section.

Please note: this type of dress requires the correct petticoat to achieve the correct silhouette.

The gown will be made in the color/colors of your choice, but being an historical costume, if you want to maintain the historical accuracy, I will recommend/suggest to avoid modern colours. Contact me via message to know the available combinations or if you want/prefer to have your peasant attire made of wool fabric.
Please send a message to know the available combinations or if you want/prefer wool fabric.
 *fabric or color availability depends on the suppliers and can change from season to season*

Any design/fabric change and/or any addition of decorative details must be requested before purchase and involve a variation in costs; your fabric choice must be communicated before purchase.
A diagram to take the necessary measurements will be sent to you after the purchase

Custom orders:
any request of
-design changes of the gown design or fabric (wool)
-design changes of decorative elements (more or different embroidery, etc)
-made to measure petticoat/ breeches/ fichu
must be requested before purchase, because they involve a variation in costs and processing time.
For an estimate, please send an email at elainecouture.info@gmail.com

Processing time:
After the purchase, the fabric selection and receiving your measurements it takes about 2 / 3 month for the peasants attire/costume to be completed.

Your bespoke order will take part of a production cycle in which other garments and accessories are created. For this reason it's recommended to order your gown in advance of your event/historical re-enactment/wedding date because not always it will be possible to speed your custom order.


This gown will be shipped via DHL Express. Shipping is always tracked but it's recommended to choose the insured shipping.

Shipping for EU countries takes 2 business days.
Shipping for non EU countries takes from 3 to 6 business days.
For countries outside the European Union: custom charges are not included in the shipping or item price. Customs charges are to be covered by the customer at delivery.

Payment plans:
To see the policies for payment plans: https://en.elainescouture.com/rateizzazioni-pagamenti

Company policy:
the item is non-refundable and non retournable: please be careful while taking your measurements and follow the diagram that will be provided to you.

1826 italian peasant attire - bespoke

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